What’s a personal blog?

The personal blog is a social media publication that allows to quickly capture a large target of readers. It is a tool to share quality content by putting information online in the form of a diary and thus develop your personal reputation.

Whether you write under your name or under a pseudonym, creating a blog allows you to :

make known your expertise or your passion in a specific field; deliver content in a personal tone; allow readers to react to your posts and comment on them; reach partners, or even market your blog.

Why use it?

At a time when we are all hyper-connected and in search of relevant and reliable information, having a personal blog allows you to position yourself as someone who is well in tune with the times while communicating content about yourself and developing your reputation: it is a tool for your personal branding. It helps you to be known and recognized by your target audience.


In order to make one’s skills and passions known, to emphasize one’s specificities and expertise, to differentiate oneself, the Blog provides a lifelong interaction with others. It is particularly useful to connect with peers or to give confidence to potential clients or interlocutors.